New Site Launched

Anchored out in Port Townsend
Written by Mahonri Gibson

Here at Sailing Dog, we realized we had a lot of great topics that we wanted to be able to explore in-depth. We’ve changed the website drastically, in able to allow us to focus more on providing the best long-form articles on sustainability, the environment, global warming, local companies and products, how to move those products efficiently from A to B, alternative energy, and occasionally photographs of beautiful sailboats. We’ll also be providing short updates on current news related to all of these topics. Hopefully we can grow this site to becoming one of the major authorities on how to live a low-impact life.

About the author

Mahonri Gibson

Mahonri Gibson is a social entrepreneur, environmentalist, sailor, and photographer. He spent 6 years in the U.S. Air Force as a pararescueman, before deciding to do something more useful with his life.

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